Project HOSS Gets A Bed!

If you have been following Project HOSS: The Ultimate Work Truck, you know that we are in serious need of a bed. I was down at the local wrecking yard to inquire about them taking the old bed once a new flatbed was purchased. The guy mentioned they had some used flatbeds laying around. I went out to take a look. They were half the price of a new bed, but it showed. They were all fairly beat up. I could pound out dents and repaint, but that wasn’t what I was hoping for. I really had my heart set on a new Bradford or Pronghorn flatbed. I looked over in a pile of weeds and spotted and orange bed, wasnt a flatbed. I looked it over and discovered it was a dump bed. It had the pump assembly and everything was there. I asked how much and he said $1000.00. Ill take it was the only thing that came out of my mouth! I had no reason for a dump bed, but I could sure find a reason! It must have been the Tim Allen in me, but at half the price of a new flatbed I couldn’t pass it up.
I have made some calls and found a local shop to install the bed. They are charging $1000 for install. That is double a standard flatbed install, but that includes installing new lights and hooking up the hydraulics.  So we went to work removing the dually bed:
Dually Bed Removal img_4379 img_4380
You may remember that we are converting to single axle, so I measured the dump bed width. It came out just right, it was actually for a narrow truck so it shouldn’t stick out too far.
img_4388 img_4395 img_4396
Once the bed was set on the truck, I strapped it down and headed over to the shop to get it properly mounted. More to come!