Rabbit raising Part 1 homesteading, survival, survivalist, peak oil, long term food storage

Don’t know what youtube has changed in the uploading process but this is the SIXTH try in uploading this video. Been at it for nearly a full DAY…… Part 1 of our new series on raising rabbits looks at equipment needed for rabbit raising as well as helpful hints in getting started. This series has been in the works for six months as we have tried to capture video of kits at various ages and stages of growth. This new series is about raising rabbits for MEAT, ie, to EAT. Be forewarned that we will discuss rabbit raising in that format and later videos will show some butchering – with a warning before it actually comes up. So for the PETA crowd, men of the other gender and the “we won’t eat anything with eyes” crowd, you’ll probably want to skip these videos. www.survivalreport.net www.homesteadingandsurvival.com Be sure to visit and support our sponsor- www.jrhenterprises.com 17 years in the preparedness and survival business.