Snail Farming Will Boost the World Economy

Snail farmers in Nigeria were only a few. They started in a small scale. The reason is because the awareness is yet to be created. The First set of people that started it in Nigeria will be millionaires within the next few years.

This is because of the high demand for snail locally and internationally. You can be one of the fortunate one to join the winning train of snail farmers.

The World Bank has taken a step to fund the research into snail production. This was published in THIS DAY of  Monday 5th May 1997 , on page 19. They must have studied the feasibility study of Snail farming and convinced ideas that it will boost the economy of the world.

Recently, some people started the traditional snail farming. The problems facing traditional method of snail farming may include:


i.                   Hatching the Snail eggs


ii.                  Formulation of the best feed for snail at whatever stage of growth


iii.                The best care and management practices to reduce mortality rate to Zero level

Snail farming is another means of supplementing Macro livestock.

“Knowledge is power, Ignorance is a disease. Always pray to get knowledge of hidden things that can help you and mankind. Do not reject snail farming no matter your business. You should not expect your snail to reach maximum size within three months.





It is noted with a grave concern that a nutritious and medicinal meat such as snail has disappeared from people’s pot of soup these days.

What we have now is urbanization through deforestation and other forms of farming (commercial and subsistence) which have resulted in the disappearance of forest trees and bushes from where snails and other animals can be found.



The demand for snail in Nigeria and other countries of the world is very high. Exporters as well as consumers demand for it like gold. Presently, we cannot meet the local and export demand for snail but with time we shall solve this problem, at least to an extent.

The value of hard currency makes it possible for exporters to source it at all cost, thus making the few available in the market to be quite expensive for an average family to afford. The demand for snail abroad is more than the demand in Nigeria . These countries must have known the value of snail better than the others.



Raining season is the most suitable period for snail breeding. Though snails can breed anytime of the year if properly cared for.The picker of this animal do not spare any one,because they are only out to make money and if nothing is done to ensure continuous reproduction,sooner or later they will disappear from creation.Then the generation urban will blame us.


Do we have any cogent reason for not preserving snail? Something must be done now. 


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