Square Foot Garden


We finally got our Square Foot Garden setup for this year. Our boxes are 4 foot wide by 6 foot long. I wanted to go 8ft, but the 6ft long 1×6 boards were a lot cheaper. We built 6 of these boxes. Plus we still have a regular garden area tilled and ready. This area will contain the vine type foods such as watermelons, squashes, etc.
Anyway, You basically fill 6-8 inches deep, 3 different ingredients evenly. Those ingredients are 1 part vermiculite, 1 part peat moss, and 1 part compost. If you have to buy compost, I hear mushroom compost is the best. We could not find any, so we just used regular compost.  Once they are in the container, stir it around to they are all evenly mixed and start planting! As usual, we made this a family event.
We first cut small blocks to use in the corners. Then we attached all the boards to make an easy 4 ft by 6ft square that is 6 inches tall. This is minimum, 8-10 inches would be best.
Next we divided the boxes into three, and added equal parts of the above ingredients.
Once all the parts were all measured out, we mixed it all together.
Once everything was mixed well, we measured and placed nails every foot. We then sectioned each square off using simple string. As you can see from below this gives us 24 squares from each box.
Learn more about square foot gardening by watching this video below: