Suburban Permaculture w/ Janet Barocco and Richard Heinberg

Peak Moment 100: Tour Janet and Richard’s quarter acre for an example of what’s possible in suburbia. Their front yard of edible plants also provides habitat for birds and insects. The backyard radiates out from an herb and kitchen garden to vegetable beds and containers; 25 fruit and nut trees; and a restful Zen garden. Near a future pond is a “three sisters” spiral of corn, beans and squashes. Check out their rainwater catchment barrels system, solar ovens, grid-tied photovoltaics with backup batteries, a low-energy house, solar-heated garden room, and a comfortable “summer palace” of natural & salvaged materials. [] Looking for a specific topic in our Peak Moment library? Visit and click a tag or do a search. Subscribe to our email newsletter. Join the dialogue on Janaia’s Journal at