Survival Gardening Part 5, economic collapse, peak oil, SHTF

Part 5 of The Survival Report’s series on Survival gardening looks at what to grow from a survival standpoint. Criteria is given based on a SHTF / survival standpoint. Seed saving is discussed as well. survivalist, survivalists, survival, preparedness, prepare, bird flu, plagues, economic collapse, Red Dawn, Survival Report, AK 47, AR 15, food storage, food shortage, famine, gas prices, gas shortage, organic gardening, permaculture, homesteading, self reliance, self-sufficiency, back to the land, back to basics, pioneer living, off grid, alternate energy, war, terrorism, Alex Jones, stock market crash, survival retreat, militia, logistics, end times, revelation, post tribulation, end of oil, peak oil, anything else I missed as tags 😉