The $10 Compost Bin

$10 compost bin When my wife gives me a chore to do, I’m all about efficiency. Sometimes I take my time and overdo a job. Sometimes I am flat out lazy and want to hurry it along so I can get back to my hammock. Today I was feeling the latter. So here is how YOU TOO can build a $10 compost bin in 10 minutes!!
So the first thing I needed to do was plot it out. I wanted it semi close to the house (too far, and you won’t take it out). It has to be far enough away that you dont attract flies and such to the house. I chose a location that had fence already up on two sides. This helps support it without the additional expense of more framing.
Next you need to choose supplies. I have seen these done with old barrels, I have seen them made with old pallets. I say use whatever you have laying around without it being too much a eye sore. I personally found some old wood plywood sheets laying behind the barn. There were four sheets that were all the same size. Perfect!
Things you need:

  • Drill with drill bit and screw driver bit
  • Plyers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Corner Braces
  • Bailing Wire
  • Door hinge

I laid the pieces up against the fence and eyeballed the fence post. I then drilled two holes, and used the bailing wire to secure the wood to the fence post. I did this one the two sides that had fence. Once that was completed, I took the corner braces and put one high and one low for extra strength. I then placed the third board up and used corner braces to secure it. The last board is where you can get as fancy or cheap as you want. I have seen people mount metal fence post to it and just pound it in the ground. I opted for the “custom” door hinge that way we can easily swing it open. And there you have it, nothing fancy, nothing pretty. You $10 compost bin completed in 10 minutes, now back to the hammock!
Ronnie Drilling Corner Braces in Place Bailing Wire