The Baddest Homesteaders Truck

Every once in a while a truck comes by that causes total truck envy. Im not one for wanting something that costs so much, but this is pure awesome. This is what I would call KING of trucks!
Built by Legacy Classic Trucks, the Legacy Power Wagon is one sick machine! These are hand-built by LCT in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They spend over 1000 hours on each of these builds! Not only is the timeless look of the Power Wagon awe-inspiring, but then they go in and make so many customizations and modernizations that its nicer than buying just a restored Power Wagon.

Every Legacy Power Wagon Conversion comes standard with leather seats, a 10 gauge LED-backlit classic instrument cluster, A/C, power steering, long travel suspension with Bilstein shocks, a 16,500 lbs towing-capable winch, and more. The buyers can also select from a variety of options including 2 or 4 door models, Chevy LS motors or Commonrail diesel (My personal favorite), automatic or manual transmissions, Nardi steering wheels in hand-stitched leather or mahogany, integral rollcage, long rage fuel tanks, plus different sized tires and wheels. Only a handful of trucks are created each year, and hey! A man can dream right?! Prices start at $185,000! *Gulp!
And if you still havent drooled enough: