The Utlimate Work Truck-HOSS

I previously mentioned that we were taking on a new project. With Spring around the corner and recent move under our belts, we were in need for a new truck to handle all our needs. You can find our requirements here. So I have been on the lookout. One thing I really wanted to do was keep our vehicles near the same.  My wife really loves her Suburban, so the chances of her changing were slim. So I decided to find a truck that was similar. I went searching on Craigslist and found exactly what I was looking for!
Project HOSS is a 2001 Chevy 3500 Crew Cab Dually with 75k miles. It has the Vortec 8.1 with Automatic.  It was wrecked and the dually bed was damaged. It has leather and is fairly loaded for a LS model. So here is how it looks upon purchasing it for a sum of $5000!!

img_4368 img_4369 img_4372

When I found HOSS, he was looking bad. The owner was a drunk and hit a pole. This forced the driver side duallies under the back bumper. This forced the passenger duallies forward causing the passenger side damage to the bed.  I reattached the axle to the springs, removed the damaged rear shock, replaced on break line, removed flat tire, and drove it home.

Future Plans:
Obviously replace the bed. Looking for a flatbed of some sort. Lose the dually setup. I don’t haul enough to justify wearing out 6 tires at a time. I also spend more time off-road so 4 wheels work better than 6 in the mud. Mount some gear for communications in the cab will then be next. Replace the front bumper with a winch bumper for helping people during the Colorado winter storms. Mount some tool boxes, etc. We will see how the budget goes, but I promise you this will be one serious work HOSS. Stay Tuned!