Thrive Food Storage Bell Pepper Chicken

Shelf Reliance is your premier source for food storage, emergency preparedness supplies, and informational tools. Featuring freeze dried foods, food rotation systems (food storage shelves), and our revolutionary calculators for food storage and emergency kits, Shelf Reliance offers the tools you’ll need to create a comprehensive, customized emergency preparedness plan. To see the entire recipe, visit or click on the “more info” link above this text. 1 cup Thrive Red and Green Peppers 1/2 cup grated Paremesan Cheese 2 Thrive eggs {2 T. Thrive Egg Powder + 4 T. water} 1/2 cup Thrive Flour 2 chicken breasts 1 sprig rosemary + more for garnish 2 cups balsamic vinegar 1-2 cloves minced or pressed garlic Place flour into a dish Reconsitute eggs, and season with salt and pepper {this is the best place to put your seasoning so it stays on the chicken} Preheat oven to 300 degrees Place Thrive Red and Green peppers into a dish, and and cheese Preheat frying or saute pan Take you chicken and using your hands or tongs, gently coat in flour From flour, coat in eggs, and then dredge into peppers and parmesan mixture to coat Add olive oil to pan, and place breasts into pan Reduce heat to medium, being careful not to burn! After a few minutes, ever-so-gently turn each breast over with a spatula Each side should be golden brown and beautiful. Place onto a serving plate and place them in the oven, taking any large bits with them so they don’t ruin the sauce Return pan