Urban Permaculture part 1

This is the last segment from a series of three short films done by Malcolm Baldwin, known as Permaculture Trio (I think). The other two segments cover Forest Gardening and Edible landscapes. If you would like me to upload those also, please let me know. I just uploaded this one because I thought it more relevant and engaging to the average person in the US, UK, OZ, etc…those who aren’t lucky enough to have estates in the country or a large amount of land to work with. Hope you enjoy. 🙂 *I’ve just noticed that it cut off prematurely for some reason. What he was about to say at the end was “Depending upon variety and depending upon growing conditions, and then you have a very friable potting compost from the horse manure at the end of it. So if you use the hot horse manure at the end and potatoes to boot.”