Vehicle Supply Storage

oilHere at Homestead Basics we have a one year supply of food, six months of water, and a decent financial reserve. Today I was down at NAPA purchasing everything to do an oil change on our Project HOSS. I cant believe I never thought of this, but I don’t have many supplies for vehicle maintenance. Remember that your food storage and other reserves are not just for if the world goes down in flames, but what if your job goes south? What if you get injured enough, you cant work full time? NAPA was running a sale on filters, so I purchased a case. I also purchased eight cases of oil. That is enough to change the oil every two months for each of my vehicles (My wife’s suburban or HOSS).
So go through your vehicles and do a quick inventory. Oil and oil filters are a first. Fuel filters would be next on my list. I also thought about air filters, but I run K&N air filters, so they are cleanable and limits supplies needed. Next I would get brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and any other fluid you might need. Go through you vehicle and just make sure you have everything to keep it going.
I don’t recommend stocking every wearable part on the vehicle, just the maintenance stuff. Maybe do some research on your vehicle and find the most common wear items. If you have the room and extra money, it can be a good idea–such as a fuel pump, etc.
Anyway, just something to think about.