Welcome to ModernSurvivalOnline's YouTube Channel

Welcome to my YouTube Channel. This channel is an extension to my blog – ModernSurvivalOnline.com. This video is an intro to the channel, as well as myself – Rourke. I summarize the purpose as well as some upcoming projects for the channel. Below is an intro to my blog – check it out. The purpose of this blog is to post information and opinions on a variety of topics related to emergency preparedness, survival firearms, and the world today. I hope to provoke thought as well as discussion with my posts. I approach emergency preparedness from the standpoint of the average person. Most people do not have loads of money to build an underground bunker stocked with the best communication equipment, 5 years of freeze dried food, high end weapons with countless magazines and a huge ammunition supply. That’s just not realistic for most. There is a lot of concern and worry in the world today. Many people are opening their eyes and are beginning to become involved in “prepping”. I believe that our world is becoming a more and more dangerous place to live and threats are very real. I truly do not hope that something significant will happen and I do not believe that December 21st 2012 will be the End Day. No alien invasions predicted. What I do believe is that the likelihood of some event that could significantly affect your way of life in a negative way is increasing. I plan to be prepared for it. How about you? Over the coming months I plan to post daily (or as often as possible