Why collecting rain water is so important – Economic crisis country living series

In the midst of the united states and other countries facing economic crisis or worse, collapse, there are many people who are wanting to move to a more rural area for safety and sustainability. Even those who study end time prophecy and feel that we are heading into the tribulation period that the prophets of the bible tell us about are looking to get further out in the country. Scutter starts a new series on his channel teaching city people what it is like to move to the woods and survive country life. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sure you get more peace and quite, you get a much closer view of nature and wildlife and you don’t have the hectic rat race of panicked city life. But there is much to learn about living in the country as it can be very different than a city dwelling. We will be discussing things like wildlife, hunting, fishing, fire pits, building things from recycle materials, gardening, cooking from scratch recipes, food storage, livestock, dealing with seclusion, emotional aspects of country life, trading, junk dealing, septic tanks/systems, clearing the land, pitfalls and dangers and much more! In this video scutter talks about helpful tips about collecting rain water for the gardens and/or to keep your family alive. If this has been a blessing to you, please consider stopping by my AVON store and taking a look around at all the great products and possibly placing a small order. It helps keep us going!! Here is the link: www.youravon.com Thanks and God